Well, I didn't quite make it to work yesterday (2nd Oct '03), and my nice new bike isn't quite so shiny on the right as it is on the left!
Still, at least with an office job I can still work. I think that's a plus point.
It was nice to catch up with old friends, although not quite how I expected a reunion to go. I was sat in the back of a private ambulance, which happened to stop, ( the crew asked if I was alright, I said "No. I'm ex-Essex ambulance, I've dislocated my thumb, get your entonox!"). Then the Essex crew poked their heads in, said hello and laughed. Not what I call patient care. Mind you, they didn't object to me saying "Just get me something stronger than entonox".

Anyway, 20mg Nubain later, I was at A&E, where they gave me codeine-phosphate. That was no good at all so I sent Sally to whinge, and got 10mg of Morphine.

Spent the afternoon feeling quite sick, I think morphine lasts longer than the anti-sickness drug they give it with.

I've got to keep my thumb in a splint for 3 weeks now, so I'll be on the train for a bit.

Still, could be worse, eh?

Graham's X-ray

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