In addition to big noisy toys (see speed), Graham likes small, electrical toys (leave it!). In fact, in the early days of this site, several pages were roughed out as 'raw' HTML using a Psion Revo Plus (may it rust in peace!).

Some time ago we bought an iMac, 'cos we got fed up with the PC crashes. We're very pleased with the iMac, a couple of mates have made comments about the cost of hard/software, but let's face it- 'WINtel' just doesn't work. Why should I keep upgrading, if the new OS is no better?! The iMac's going well, we're very impressed with MacOS X, it's very stable, you really have to try very hard, or be very stupid to get a system crash. The odd program sometimes falls over, but OS X doesn't come crashing down with it like Windows. In addition to that, the Mac version of the 'close program' box (Force Quit) actually works.

There's loads of sites dedicated to the argument, so I'm notion waste any more space redoing it here. We like it, and I'll recommend a Mac to anyone who'll listen.

A mate (Kevin- see Arbocop in Links) had huge problems with his laptop, he went through about 5 re-installations of Win ME, and it was still pants. Somebody advised him to go for Win 2000 Pro, but I managed to convince him to take the plunge, and he went for an iBook. One more joins the club! I'm working on Dad, one of my sisters and another friend of ours. Give it time!


Like so much before it (including a Ducati piston), the Psion Revo+ is now no more than a paperweight, I totally discharged and charged it, and even pulled it apart an replaced the batteries (description of how to on portal-pda.com )

It still wasn't working, and since it doesn't synchronise with the iMac I went for a Palm. This has prompted a rewrite, so not much of the stuff I wrote on the Psion remains, but I'll leave that bit there, it's the thought that counts. There's a few things the Psion could do better, but in general it's a great little toy... I mean very useful, essential device. The silly thing is, I managed to convince Sally that she needs a Palm too- she now has an M130. She does use it as a diary and for the odd letter, although she would have coped without it. Tends to get used for solitaire more than anything, could've saved money and bought her a pack of cards!

Also, we now have a digital camera, (a Kodak DX4330) it seems pretty good, better than we need probably- lots of badly framed pic's to follow.

I was gonna stick some photo's of the Palms here, but it's a waste of space. If you don't know what they look like (and you want to see) go to Palm's web site, listed in the links page, and have a look.

I also managed to destroy the screen on my mobile (a Siemens S45), I could possibly have got a new screen, but Sally relented, and I now have a Siemens S55. The screen resolution is not great, but the Bluetooth(TM) works well, and now Apple have included it in iSync I can use it for calendar stuff, and keep contacts up to date. (No I'm not on commission).

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